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Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Assalamualaikum readers

Rindu-rindu aduh! sayang merindu
Jauh-jauh orang sudah menjauh
Kasih-kasih aduh! sayang berkasih
Bukan-bukan hamba orang terpilih
Kiri duri kanan pun berduri
Arah mana ke mana
Hendak hamba melangkah
Nasib diri begini nasib diri
Rela hamba terima
Walaupun jiwa parah

berulang-ulang lirik lagu tu selang seli
dengan lirik lagu yang satu ni.
Jiwa kosong tak terbeli
Tak mampu nak menongkah rasa
Andai hati bisa berbicara..

Hati ingin berbicara
Hati pun sering bertanya
Di mana hujung jalan cerita
Bukannya di bibir tanpa sebarang noktah

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Assalamualaikum readers

Alhamdulillah, for the 19 months amazing journey.
Uqail Mohd Azri, my brilliant baby son is growing up.
My bambam baby now turn to be a very adorable toddler.
He has grown up healthily to a very  jovial little boy.
In range of age 15months below, he was very bambam.
Later then as he's grown up, he started to lose his baby weight.
Still cute to my eyes though.
I finally has ended his breastfeeding journey at the age of 18th months.
Very smooth closing stages, I only remind him that he has grow-up.
Uqail is big boy now,cannot drink milk via Ummi anymore.
It took about 10days for him to fully understand,
That he cannot breastfeed with me anymore.
Thank you very much to his Abi who really helpful to both of us.
He did entertained Uqail, played with him until he was tired,
Pat him until he fell asleep. And the victory of this journey,
I offered him to BF, he nicely turned it down while saying,
"okleh, ecar doh. No no no" = "tak boleh, besar dah. No No No"
Thank you my boy.. Senang hati Ummi, no drama at all.
The compilation of my beloved baby who now is grown up into toddler
From a naive sleepy baby to a very quick-witted little toddler.
He now weigh about 11kg, slimmer than what he used to be at his 15th months.
But after all, he still cute, getting smarter, even know how to sing.
He memorized the 'rain-rain go away song' and can count '1 to 5'.
I have no big expectation to my lil son, whatever his achievement
I will gladly record it. I pray to Allah Taala to guide his life to Islam.
To be real muslim and successful in a way of what Allah Taala want.

Thursday, July 6, 2017
Assalamualaikum readers

MasyaAllah, last post was on March. Now July.
Time flies so fast, wish remain as wish.
No time to sit and write just like before.
But must say that, blogging never been lame.
It still relevant and good to everyone.
Life journal, I used to love, still loving.
Hopefully forever will.

Nowadays, I think I am into Twitter.
I tend to tweet whatever I think necessary.
Before, I prefer compile it as one post.
One thing for sure, the passion of writing.
sharing and throw random thought is still with me.

July 2017, my baby son is grow into toddler
Seems to be brighter than his previous young baby year
Now Uqail can pronounce many words,
Can sing his fav song, know to demand on TV show,
Can walk steadily, running faster toward me and his Abi,
Not so clingy but very manja to his parents.
Good development which amaze us in many way.
He is so cheeky yet very gentle young man.
Having him,  expose me to another good phase.
Bring me closer to Him and preach myself to be more thankful.

I always remember what I have gone through previous years.
Our effort, doa and the encouragement we had from people we love.
Alhamdulillah, May our life been guide with Islam, toward Allah Taala.
And yet, not to announce but more on record for myself.
I found myself pregnant again. Yes, u read it right.
**incase there is any reader...
I wait few weeks to confirm and Alhamdulillah.
Entering my second trimester now.
Uqail gonna be big brother by the end of this year.
Blessing, I must said. I have so much blessing in this 2017.
Able to own a house, moving in, being pregnant, being love
and many more. Allah remind me frequently about rezeki.
Who am I to deny, and who am I to not be grateful.
To Him I shall serve myself and my family.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Till then, I hope I will be more obliged and thankful.
InshaAllah. To all my TTC friends.
Keep praying, have faith, continue ur effort, tawakal.
Never give up. InshaAllah soon. Amin.


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