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Sunday, April 17, 2016
Assalamualaikum readers
Alhamdulillah.. Dah 4 bulan anak Ummi.
Belum sempat nak shoot ke 4bulan pun lagi.
Ummi tersangatlah busy sebab kita semua nak pindah rumah.
Rumah sedikit banyak sebenarnya kelam kabut
Tapi Alhamdulillah, Uqail sangat behave dan membantu.
Cranky jugak kadang-kadang, tapi most of times behave sgt.

Perkembangan 4 bulan Uqail Mohd Azri.
Anak Ummi Abi yang bijak dan pintar, InshaAllah.
Berat 6.6kg, panjang 64cm
Sangat sukakan bath time, mungkin sebab sekarang panas
Behave bila travel, janji kereta gerak.
Suka duduk dalam car seat, stroller dan ssc instead of dukung.
Suka hisap jari, kadang-kadang masuk semua tangan pun.
Giggles so hard bila berbual dengan Ummi, Abi dan Madik.
Dah pandai kenal orang dan memilih.
Masih menyusu badan sepenuhnya.
Ikut sleep patern yang Ummi ajarkan ie tidur pukul 9pm.
Masih pakai pamper size M.
Masih memerlukan pacifier bila nak tidur.
Having first haircut sebab dah cucuk telingat, stylist was Abi.
Bawah ni gambar masa shoot untuk 3bulan.
Ummi harap later kalau Ummi ada anak lain pun
Ummi akan rajin shoot baby milestone macam ni jugak.
Tak banyak pun, just few shoots untuk buat photobook.
Kira macam baby diary jugak la. InshaAllah.
Ummi Abi doakan yang terbaik untuk anak Ummi.
Membesar dengan sihat sayang.
I love you so much...
Alhamdulillah, pinjaman Allah SWT.
Friday, April 15, 2016
Assalamualaikum readers
We shall get ready and should always expect to move on
As you are living.. U should be moved by many things and in many ways.

My 5 years servicing at  my current company will soon come to the end.
It is a lifetime chance and seriously, it is not easy.
Not easy but a must done 'process'.
I not really documenting my life in this blog lately.
The feeling just missing. Most of the time, feel like shouldnt be shared.
Well, who bother right?

Things really change..
Actually husband had move on first.
He got the job offer at his hometown and we both think
That's a great chance for him to going back
At least he can take care of his mom. Period!
We will bear the cost and consequences. We're learning.
Then we're learning the hardship of Long Distance Relationship, LDR .
Maybe because we're never used to it.
We're been there for each other since cintan-cintun time.
We're from same university, we worked at same place and there you go.
After more than 7years being there for each other. We finally bid a farewell.
And to make it worse, I was heavily pregnant with Uqail that time.
I was carrying him in my tummy and entering my 8months pregnancy.
Husband was having a bad feeling and reluctant that time.
But I always said, 'this is a must do process. Now or never.'

We both know, our decisions is 75% positive to have this LDR
because we both are worrying about my MIL who are living alone there.
Not really alone but no further explanation needed.
I keep telling myself, I am strong and I can do this. I can handle this.
Basically yes, I can. But I can't hide the true feeling lingering around.
Hubby for sure was so worried to death as well
I was entering my third trimester already that time.
But to Allah we shall return and keeping our faith.
Everything went well with some ups and down, shedding some tears. Dramatic kan...

Basically, it's happening for 5 months already.
adding to notch, we are soon will wind-up our LDR.
I am returning to my husband for good.
Thanks to Allah SWT, to HIM we shall be thankful.
HE is the one that open the Rezki for both of us.
2015 was really a good year for both of us with some rough scars.
But overall, it was great. And to that, as for now 2016 seems like
offering fortune to us as well. We had some bumpy journey, of course!
But after all, everything still good and bearable. Alhamdulillah.

And return to the title, soon enough.
I will leaving this place, this company that I've worked with for 5years.
I am officially leaving my first job for a better future.
Better future with my own family.
There is 'unknown' feeling inside me.
But I know.. Everything has the end and yet this is the end of my story here.
I'll soon leaving my post, my rent house and many friends here.
But I am glad that I have this chance to return to my love and family.
Our new story will evolve and InshaAllah.. Return with good heart
For a good beginning and good story ahead.

Dear friends and companion
Thank you for the great years we had together.
To plant office team mates,
Thanks for the surprise farewell party
and to all my subordinate, thanks for all of your great services.
You guys are very helpful and ease many of my works.

5 years servicing at current place,
from a junior to a current post
from the plant to the current R&D laboratory
I know I am expanding myself value here.
Thanks to everyone who is direct and indirectly teaching me.
Thank you very much.



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