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Saturday, December 18, 2010
Salam readers
How's life, huh?? Smooth and pleasant eyh.. Good for you..I'm a bit emo,
So, thanx to my blog.. a medium for me to express myself more and more,
day by day.. Its just acceptable without any repellent complaint.
I just fallin love all again/ to my lovely blog. For u, my dearest readers..
Im sorry if its bother u.. Just stay with me when u feel me..
U feel my writing, my words and my feelings. I really don't care..

Have you ever felt that you were cheated over the things u did?
I have, many times.. and sometimes its really hurt me..
Dear friends and someone Suya might concern..
There are many ways to cheat another person, or oneself.
But u would never able to cheat over HIM.. The One and The Most.

Cheating others is a relatively obvious activity. yeeahhhh it is an activity!!!
Cheating yourself is less so. Sometimes you do not even realise your self-cheating.
For instant, you may recognise: telling lies to save yourself,
copying a friend's homework, raiding the refrigerator while you are on diet,
saying yes when you mean no,saying no when you mean yes,
conviniently forgetting a promise made to someone,
keeping a borrowed object and studying only to please your parents.
Actually, if i listed all down.. its take sometimes dude. Honestly, all these..
Its happened to me.. keep happen before, present and maybe future.. OMG~

Life is complicated if we decide it to be like that.
As one know.. Our life is depending to our own choice, our path<
I do not know of anyone who is totally honest, either to others or himself.
Scheming and cheating are exclusively human activities. BUT!!
Is it ironic that we, being more intelligent,
must cheat in order to get what we want,
while the less intelligent animals live honestly
and in the process often get bullied BY US!

p/s: i know what going in here and there.. But i just wanna kept it all alone.. since i dont think, it would affect u. Its really hurt me when someone like u.. keep cheating on me.. Just wonder why, but me decide to choose the simple one.. never ask but just live my life as usual.. I deserve to be cool and calm. No more about you little punk!!! :p..heeee anothe thing, dont u ever think the one i mean here is my Mr. Lullabby.. not at all ok. He just nice and simple man to be but seriously special for me.. Thank You, Allah :)

truly deeply


princeduyong said...

cheating....i hate!

SapaSapaJerLahhhh said...

idop nie pnuh dgn penipuan kan suya...lumrah dunia...hehe...

nieya pon pnah mnipu...pling terang time copy homework tukar2 copy hmwork lak tuh...hikhikhik

me suya said...

prince duyong..

suya tgj barbie princess mermaid sekarang ni. hehehe yeah.. yet me. hate most.. cheater

me suya said...


tu kalau kite menipu diri sendiri..
tapi kalau dah ditipu dan ditikam dari belakang. itu yang geram nak mampus ni.huhuhu sorry.. bahasa kasar sikit

suNa HusN@ said...

wau dear.....

perkara normal dah skrg dlm hdup ni..
pe leh kite wat...

setuju dengan sume suya cakap...^^

me suya said...

bangga la tu..
hehehe aku plop rsa gile.
2 3 hari ni duk wat entry omputeh saje

youhazreenda yahaya said...

keje bodoh la cheating2 nie..hehe..btw, awk di tag ;)

me suya said...

tapi people suka reen..
nak buat cam mana kan.. die org lupe kot cheating ni kerja orang bodoh! hehehe thnx tag me dear.. dah jawab daaa


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